Sunday, December 2, 2012

Egg Retrieval

I know I've mentioned this before, but when I first found out I had cancer, I also found out that this particular set of drugs would leave me with a 50% chance of infertility. That's not a horrible percentage, but I've daydreamed about Michael and I having kids together since we started seriously dating 4.5 years ago. We want to do everything we can to raise our chances, so we have been going through fertility treatments the last few weeks with an end goal of freezing embryos to use after treatment is over. This has involved a few things:

  1. Tons of uncomfortable ultrasounds for me
  2. Injecting myself in the stomach with medications 1-2 times a day for the last week
  3. Michael taking a pill twice a day
  4. Last night injecting myself with a medication in my LEG with a needle that was an inch and a half long
  5. Egg Retrieval (today)

1.5 inches and it had to go ALL the way in
my leg. Yeah. Pure love for my future
children right there.

Injecting myself in the leg was literally the bravest thing I've ever done. It took me a whole hour of sitting on the ground watching the tutorial video, me counting to 3 and chickening out about 15 times, Michael freaking out, hyperventilating, leaving the room, crying (just kidding, but almost), and okay, fine, me crying too, before finally doing it. Before you judge, look at the SIZE of this needle.
Anyway, egg retrieval was today. They were able to retrieve 14 eggs! We will know within the next few days how many embryos they are able to successfully create with those eggs. I was pretty nervous about the procedure, but it turns out it was actually quite enjoyable. They injected me full of some drug that the doctor described as being like "morphine and valium combined." The last thing I remember was the nurse giving me the medication and telling me to close my eyes and go to my happy place. A few hours later I woke up with no recollection of anything that had happened. The nurse told me the doctor had asked me a few questions during the procedure and I answered them; it's just hard to believe because I don't remember anything. I slept for most of the way home, then stumbled into bed with my winter coat and scarf still on and I slept until almost 4 pm. Fun fact: I had no idea I was wearing an oxygen mask until I posted this picture. Ha ha. *Michael also wants me to add that this picture was taken with his new Nexus 7 

I just want to take a second to talk about one of the blessings of having cancer. I have a unique opportunity to see just how good people are. Since I first found out I have cancer, I have received phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, e-mails, gifts, dinners, random acts of kindness, and many prayers on my behalf from friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers. Things have been a little bit crazy (to say the least) so I haven't gotten a chance to thank everyone individually, but I just feel so blessed and so grateful to have such a great support system. You guys inspire me not only to get through this current trial, but to be a better person for the rest of my life. 

My schedule for this week:
Monday, Dec 3 : Mom comes!
Wednesday, Dec 5: Getting my port in; chemo class
Thursday, Dec 6: First day of chemo (should take 4-5 hours)
Friday, Dec 7: Second day of chemo (another 4-5 hours)

I will, of course, keep all of you updated! 


  1. Way to go brave girl! I hope all goes well this week ~ that needle was ridiculous BTW!!!!

  2. You're amazing, Crystal. Stay strong!

  3. I love you Crystal! You have always been my role model and are an exceptional example to me right now. Keep up the great attitude!

  4. I was thinking about you today. Dang girl, you are stinkin brave!!!!! and Michael, too.
    Michael: Loved the picture taken with your Nexus 7. Two thumbs up.
    As I have mentioned before, I will have more than enough time after this Thursday.
    I know your mom is there, but LET ME KNOW if you need me still.
    You are gonna make the hotttest bald woman. I know it. :) Since you can't really do much with hair now, let's make your nails all pretty, just like we did the night before you got married. I've got some nail polishes so call me whenev.

  5. You are so brave Crystal! I would have begged someone else to do it for me. You are wonder woman! I love that you actually enjoyed the procedure of the egg retrieval. Haha! Watch out for those drugs that send you to your happy place! :)

  6. I've found over the years you can do what needs to be done, but looking at that needle made me wince. Your hair is adorable and makes you look ultra sophisticated! Delight and I are keeping you in our prayers and your name on the roles of the Oakland Temple weekly.

  7. Hello Mrs. C!!! This is Eliza (note passer/shortie) and Annalyse (tall one) from fifth grade (four years ago), when you taught at hobble creek! We were the first class you taught! We miss and love you, and we always talk about how you were our favorite teacher!