Friday, August 23, 2013

Chemo Star

I had an appointment with my oncologist today (best oncologist ever-- Dr. Gregory Litton) and he said I'm a chemo star. Woo hoo! Apparently I am doing amazingly well because I've been through 7 rounds of the hardest chemo around and have only been to the ICU once. Who knew this is what amazing feels like? Ha ha.

I was particularly scared to start chemo this most recent time because although it's the easiest on my immune system, it's also my most nausea-inducing chemo. Last time I got it, it was baaaad. I mean, throwing up many times a day for many days. This time (and no this is not a commercial) I got the Zofran patch. Amazing! No throw ups! I still felt nauseated and slept a lot, but I was up and doing things much sooner than previously. Plus, Michael has been between semesters so we have been partying. Partying married-people style. We've played mini-golf, croquet, bocce ball, bowled, eaten out, played video games, cooked, and spent time with friends. Heaven.

Oh and we've gone shopping. This is from awhile ago, but check out the picture of me at the bottom of the page at Walmart when my immune system was down. I would have been embarrassed if Michael hadn't been right there with me. Something about having a hot husband that still likes you even when you look like this gives you confidence.

Alright, time for a funny cancer story. Hopefully it's as funny to you as it was to me. Michael and I were at the outlets shopping and I didn't have any makeup or my wig on. To me, it was incredibly obvious that I have cancer. Michael says it wasn't, but come on, what do you think when you see a pale, bald woman? Anyway we were checking out and the cashier asked, "Would you like to donate a dollar to help in the fight against cancer?" She looked up timidly. Michael and I laughed and said no. I followed it up by saying, "We hate people with cancer." The poor cashier clearly didn't know how to respond and Michael hurriedly tried to explain that I was only joking. Oh boy. Maybe it's just me, but it seemed funny to ask an obvious cancer patient to donate towards cancer. Not bad or offensive or anything, just funny.

Annnd another selfie because when I actually take the time to put my wig on, it needs to be documented.

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